Participate in Kava Surge | Earn triple-digit interest on your $ATOM by lending to Kava Lend

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Participate in Kava Surge | Earn triple-digit interest on your $ATOM by lending to Kava Lend

As a result of the integration, a variety of IBC-compatible assets will be integrated into Kava’s network. A Surge program has been announced to get things started. Kava Lend will increase rewards APYs on all newly listed IBC assets with their Surge event, beginning with $ATOM.

If you supply $ATOM to Kava Lend, you can earn double-digit APY, but you will need to act promptly to take advantage of the rate!

How to participate?

Participating in the Surge is super easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Unstake the IBC assets you wish to supply on Kava Lend early enough to be liquid during the event. (in the first case, $ATOM, which requires 21 days to unstake)
  2. Load your assets onto Lend using Keplr wallet. (see the how-to article)
  3. Supply your assets and claim rewards with a 12-month vesting period. (here’s a tutorial for Lend)


How are >500% APYs possible?

Each Surge event will boost the rewards distribution for the newly listed asset, generating huge reward APYs for anyone supplying it to Kava Lend. The APYs for Surged assets will start as high as 1500% or more but will drop as the total value locked (TVL) increases. It pays to be early!

However, for the duration of the Surge program, APYs for newly listed assets on Kava Lend will remain elevated relative to the market average even as the supply of each asset grows.

The ATOM Surge APY breaks down according to the following supply (TVL):

  • $1M = 1700%
  • $10M = 170%
  • $20M = 85%
  • $30M = 60%
  • $40M = 40%
  • $50M = 30%

Below is a graph showing how the APY curve will move from up to 1700% towards 80% as the supply of each Surge asset increases on Kava Lend.*

*During the Surge, especially at the beginning, early ATOM suppliers can expect to receive reward APYs up to 1700%. With time, the amount will reduce as more people supply liquidity to the pools. As the supplied ATOM approaches $10M, suppliers will still earn over 170% APY. APYs will also be impacted by the token price of $KAVA and $HARD, as rewards are distributed in a combination of the two.

Where will the APY rewards come from?

$KAVA and $HARD rewards for the Surge program will be extracted from the current pools, which will experience a temporary reduction on the regular yields for other assets. These yields will adjust shortly thereafter.

The total rewards are to be paid in a combination of $HARD and $KAVA in the same way $USDX supply rewards are paid now. All rewards earned during the Surge program will be locked on the same 1 or 12-month vesting schedules as all other rewards.

How long does each surge last?

There is no fixed timeline for each Surge event. However, each Surge event will last at least until the next IBC asset listing and its Surge event. This will mean that each Surge lasts for one month at a minimum.

As of this writing, the timeline of listings following the conclusion of the ATOM Surge is as follows:

Will users get sufficient advance notice to unstake assets to participate?

Users who want to participate in the Surge with staked assets will need to unstake them before supplying them to Kava Lend. Some qualified assets are subject to an unbonding/lock-up period after unstaking, but have no fear!

Each surge event will be confirmed and announced with at least enough time to unstake the relevant asset for the start of the event, ideally much more. And, even if you are too late to unstake in time for the start of the Surge, there will still be huge APYs to be had for the duration of the event.

How will governance work during and after the Surge?

Governance will not be affected by the Surge events in any way. Holders of governance tokens will be able to vote on relevant proposals for their respective protocols as usual.

🔑 For $HARD holders: The activation of the Surge events will require the passing of proposals to add the new assets to Kava Lend. Don’t forget to vote on active proposals in order to get the assets listed and kick off the Surge!

You can see a list of active proposals here:

Ready to Surge?

More details about the Surge will be announced soon (don’t forget to vote!). In the meantime, you can click the following link to learn more about the Kava 9 upgrade.

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