Kava Earn is DeFi Made Easy by Providing Pre-Made DeFi Strategies

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Using Kava’s DeFi products, Kava recently shared a simple yet powerful strategy for getting the most from BUSD.

Users can now use the strategies discussed in that article in one place, grouped into a few simple steps. Find out more about Kava Earn in the following sections.

Supply to Kava Earn.

What is Kava Earn?

Kava Earn is DeFi made easy. The Kava team has combined the functionality of Kava Mint, Kava Lend, and Kava Swap to provide pre-made DeFi strategies.

Similar to Yearn Finance and Instadapp Lite, the goal of Kava Earn is to take complex DeFi features and boil them down to a simple supply-and-withdraw user experience.

The First edition of Kava Earn focuses on Binance USD (BUSD) for its reputation as one of the most stable assets in crypto.

BUSD is a stablecoin issued in partnership with Binance and Paxos and is 100% backed by reserves held in fiat cash (U.S. dollars) and U.S. Treasury bills.

With the BUSD Kava Earn strategy, it’s never been easier for users to earn with Kava — Try it out!

How Does Kava Earn Work?

The whole process on Kava Earn is super simple. Multiple messages are sent in a single transaction when users supply to a Kava Earn page.

Gif showing how to supply BUSD to Kava Earn
Supplying to Kava Earn is easy.

The opposite messages are sent in a single transaction when users withdraw from Kava Earn.

Gif showing how to withdraw BUSD from Kava Earn
Withdrawing from Kava Earn takes just a few clicks.

Users can see their positions reflected throughout the Kava platform when they supply and withdraw. When using an Earn strategy, it’s best not to update positions outside the Earn page since it can put the strategy at risk.

Kava Earn user interface.
Kava Earn provides a sleek UX for simplified high-yield DeFi strategies.

Strategies on Kava Earn are picked based on user risk and value. The goal is to provide safe strategies that return a high yield.

BUSD Earn, for example, focuses on Mint and Lend to mint USDX with BUSD, then supplies that USDX to Lend, where it earns extra incentives thanks to its status as Kava’s native stablecoin.

In the case of BUSD Earn, Mint is used to convert BUSD into USDX instead of Swap because the user maintains ownership of their BUSD and removes the risk of loss due to price changes in USDX and swap fees.

Loans on Mint are valued in USDX rather than USD to create further protection from price fluctuations in USDX.

By leveraging BUSD vs. exchanging it, users can take advantage of USDX incentives while limiting their exposure to it.

Since the price of BUSD is fixed in Mint to US$1, it would take a multi-day de-pegging of the BUSD to put the strategy at risk.

Image depicting BUSD price chart.
BUSD has demonstrated stability over a long time frame.

What’s Next for Kava Earn?

USDC and USDT are the immediate assets users can expect to be added as a Kava Earn Strategy.

Over time, Kava Governance will evaluate strategies using new protocols such as Kava Swap and other Kava Network DeFi apps.

As new strategies and assets are added, they will need to be evaluated and tested for potential risks due to liquidation or impermanent loss.

Kava Governance may vote to add new functionality to limit user risk too. User safety and user value are the primary concerns when evaluating new assets and protocols.

Kava Earn provides simple, safe earning on stablecoins.

About Kava

Kava (kava.io) is a secure, lightning-fast Layer-1 blockchain that combines the developer power of Ethereum with the speed and interoperability of Cosmos in a single, scalable network.


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