Discover the Power of Kava 10 | How to Wrap and Unwrap KAVA Tokens as ERC-20s on the #CosmosEVM

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There are no issues with the Kava 10 mainnet or #Cosmos EVM. The launch of Kava’s Ethereum Bridge is fast approaching, so it’s time to learn more about wrapping KAVA tokens (KAVA) using MetaMask.

Wrapping and unwrapping KAVA using MetaMask.

KAVA will be the base (gas) token for interacting with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) while Wrapped KAVA (wKAVA) will be the initial token used on the EVM and used for transacting with dApps. Functionality with the Ethereum network opens up infinite possibilities for the Kava Network and its users and access to billions of dollars in value for developers.

Users will soon be able to transact wKAVA across other dApps in the Ethereum network — be on the lookout for updates via Kava’s official Twitter!

Wrapping and unwrapping your KAVA as ERC-20 tokens via MetaMask is super easy. Below are the steps:

Wrapping KAVA:

The following section will guide you on how to wrap KAVA tokens using MetaMask.

Step 1: Install MetaMask Extension on your browser (Create your new MetaMask wallet if you haven’t done so).

Step 2: Click ‘Connect MetaMask’ to connect your MetaMask under the wKAVA tab on the web app.

Step 3: MetaMask will prompt you to add Kava EVM Network information to the wallet.

Step 4: After connecting your Metamask wallet, it will ask you to deposit native KAVA tokens into the Kava address derived from your EVM address by clicking ‘Deposit Kava.’ You can deposit your KAVA from a personal wallet. Using an exchange wallet is not recommended at this time.

Step 5: After depositing your native KAVA tokens, they will appear in your MetaMask wallet.

Step 6: Click the ‘Exchange’ button to wrap your KAVA into wKAVA.

Step 7: Your wKAVA balance will appear in your MetaMask wallet.

Unwrapping KAVA:

The following section will guide you on how to unwrap wKAVA tokens using MetaMask.

Step 1: Click ‘Connect MetaMask’ to connect your MetaMask under the wKAVA tab on the web app (the connection should persist if you’ve already connected to MetaMask).

Step 2: Click the swap button to put wKAVA in the top box.

Step 3: Click the ‘Exchange’ button to un-wrap your wKAVA into KAVA.

Step 4: KAVA balance will be updated in your MetaMask wallet.

What’s Next for the Kava EVM?

The Kava 10 launch with full EVM functionality is just the beginning for the network. Kava’s on a mission to onboard 100+ protocols and to amass $10B+ TVL by the end of 2022.

The Pioneer incentives program brought 35+ protocols to deploy to the #CosmosEVM mainnet on launch day.

Today, the $750M Kava Rise developer incentives program is spreading fair ownership of the network to #BUIDLers while onboarding the best devs and teams in the industry.

New features will be unlocked very soon — get ahead of the curve and start wrapping your KAVA on Metamask today.

About Kava

Kava ( is a secure, lightning-fast Layer-1 blockchain that combines the developer power of Ethereum with the speed and interoperability of Cosmos in a single, scalable network.


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