Kava’s EVM | Wrap KAVA on the EVM via MetaMask

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This article covers all of your questions about the #CosmosEVM and what you can do with it today.

Kava’s community has been anticipating the launch of Kava 10 mainnet and what is to come with Kava’s #CosmosEVM.

It is now time for users to test Kava ahead of the launch of the Ethereum Bridge, as there has been no downtime or hacks since the platform launched, and 35+ protocols have already been deployed.

The following are the most frequently-asked questions about Kava’s EVM, along with a walkthrough on how to wrap KAVA on the EVM using MetaMask*.

The Kava Network EVM FAQ


What wallet will users need to use for Kava’s EVM?


Will wKAVA be displayed on EVM mainnet as KAVA or wKAVA?

The asset will be displayed as wKAVA with a slightly different icon than the KAVA token.

Can users deposit other Kava chain assets into EVM protocols?

At this stage, users will only be able to deposit KAVA to MetaMask. Below are some details on what will be available when the Ethereum Bridge is released later in 2022.

  • Cross-deposits between Ethereum and Kava.evm (USDC, WETH)
  • Cross-deposits between Kava.eth and Kava.cosmos (WETH, USDC, and any ERC-20 assets that deploy to Kava.evm)
  • KAVA will initially be the only native Kava asset that can be transferred to Kava.eth
  • Cosmos (IBC-compatible) assets will not initially be transferrable to Kava.evm

More details on cross-deposits for other native Kava assets (HARD, SWP, USDX) and Cosmos assets (IBC-compatible) will be announced later in Q4, 2022.

Can users deposit wrapped Ethereum assets on the Kava App now that Kava 10 is live?

Users are not currently able to deposit wrapped Ethereum assets. However, Kava Governance is exploring how to bring these assets into Kava 10 after the Ethereum bridge launches.

Can users deposit wrapped KAVA or Cosmos assets onto the Ethereum Network?

Users will initially only be able to wrap and send KAVA to the EVM. Other wrapped Cosmos IBC-enabled assets to the EVM will come later. In the beginning, Kava will support cross-deposits of KAVA between Kava.cosmos and Kava.evm.

When the Ethereum Bridge is released later in Q4, 2022, cross-deposits for other assets between Kava.cosmos, Kava.evm, and the Ethereum network will be enabled. Plans for direct transfers between Kava.cosmos and Ethereum are TBD.

Kava is constructing a Cosmos-EVM co-chain ecosystem, but what’s the difference and advantage compared to Evmos? Evmos is also an EVM-compatible chain built with the Cosmos SDK.

What makes Kava’s #CosmosEVM co-chains unique are the following:

  • Supported by a 40+ person team with years of experience in delivering robust Web3 products and infrastructure.
  • The Kava Network has had zero downtime or hacks in its several years of operation.
  • The Pioneer incentives program brought 35+ protocols to deploy to the #CosmosEVM mainnet on launch day.
  • The $750M Kava Rise developer incentives program aims to give fair ownership of the network to #BUIDLers while onboarding the best devs and teams in the industry.

How Do I Register for the Kava Rise Incentives Program?

How to register for the Kava Rise developer incentives program

How Do I Join the $250K Kava 10 Giveaway?

See the tutorial on wrapping your KAVA as wKAVA at the end of this article. To learn more about the Kava 10 Giveaway, click here.

Tutorial — Wrapping and Unwrapping KAVA Tokens on #CosmosEVM Via MetaMask

Wrapping your KAVA via MetaMask is super easy. Here are the steps (video below):

Wrapping KAVA:

1.) Install MetaMask Extension on your browser

1a.) Create your new MetaMask wallet if you haven’t done so.

2.) Click ‘Connect Wallet’ to connect your MetaMask under the wKAVA tab on the web app.

3.) MetaMask will prompt you to add Kava EVM Network information in the wallet

4.) After connecting your Kava EVM wallet, it will ask you to deposit native KAVA into the Kava address derived from your EVM address by clicking ‘Deposit Kava.’ You can deposit your KAVA from a personal wallet. Using an exchange wallet isn’t recommended this time. (We will share an explanation later)

5.) After depositing your native KAVA tokens, they will appear in your Kava EVM wallet.

6.) Click the ‘Exchange’ button to wrap your KAVA into wKAVA.

7.) wKAVA balance should appear in your Kava EVM wallet.

Unwrapping KAVA:

1.) Click ‘Connect Wallet’ to connect your MetaMask under the wKAVA tab on the web app.

2.) Be sure to click the swap button to put wKAVA in the top box.

3.) Click the ‘Exchange’ button to un-wrap your KAVA into KAVA.

4.) KAVA balance should be updated in your Kava EVM wallet

A step-by-step tutorial for wrapping KAVA

Note: Changes will be made to this FAQ article over time to reflect the most accurate information.

Please follow the Kava Network on Twitter, and join the official Discord server and Telegram channel to keep track of new developments.

About Kava

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