Kava Monthly Update March 2022

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📢 Announcing Kava Rise developer incentives —Kava is becoming #BUIDLerOwned!

📈 Pioneer Roundup + #KavaSquad Highlights

⚡ Surge — Kava Swap Edition (Boosted APYs for several IBC assets!)

🥾 Kava Pioneer Spotlight


Kava Rise – $750M in Dev Incentives

Kava’s on a mission to onboard 100+ protocols by the end of 2022, driven by a single vision — to make the Kava Network #BUIDLerOwned. That’s why Kava’s set aside $750M in $KAVA for builders. Protocols are the key to sustainable growth for Layer-1 networks, and the #KavaRISE incentives program will show the world the explosive potential of putting builders first.


Meet the Pioneers

Kava’s Ethereum Co-Chain alpha is running smoothly, with over 25 Pioneers signing up to join the testnet. With a combined TVL above $8.71 billion and 700K+ community members, the Pioneers bring a lot to the table.


Pioneer Spotlight: Multichain

On Kava, builders equal value, and this month’s Pioneer highlights prove it. Meet Multichain, the king of modularity that’s carried over $69 billion in total crypto volume to date.


Introducing Surge: Kava Swap Edition

The Kava Swap Surge giga-boosts reward APYs for IBC assets on Kava Swap. Read the article to learn about the community-voted, enhanced yields for holders of $ATOM, $OSMO, $LUNA, $UST, and $AKT.

Ecosystem Updates


🧵 Pioneer Highlight: Multichain TLDR

🧵 Kava Rise TLDR + incentives distribution breakdown

🧵“#KavaNetwork is aiming to onboard 100 protocols by end of 2022. Read on to find out why we set it as a goal and how we’re going to do it.” (continues) – @Scott_Stuart_

⚒️ New and improved Dev Docs!

💰 Earning with $USDX — Learn how to get unbeatable borrow rates with $USDX on Kava.

🤝 $KAVA is available on the Uphold app.

🐷 Bitrue adds $KAVA to the Power Piggy passive income app.

📊 Kava’s Ethereum Co-Chain alpha keeps growing: 156K+ transactions, 345K+ blocks, 11.6K wallet addresses!


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